Past simple


  1. Use the simple past to talk about completed actions.
  2. For most regular verbs, add -d or -ed to the base form of the verbs.
  3. The simple past has the same form all subjects.


I finished my homework last night. (action is completed)

They lived here ten years ago. (regular verb ‘live’ is added -d)

She called me last night. (regular verb ‘call’ is added -ed)

I walked along the park.

Peter walked along the park.             

Verbs in past tense

Regular and irregular verbs.

Regular verbs in past tense

We add –ed or –d at the end of the verbs and the past form of the verbs is only used in positive sentences when we tell past events.

For example:

Jack visited his grandparents yesterday.

My mother baked a chocolate cake yesterday afternoon.

Irregular verbs in past tense

Irregular verbs are only used in positive sentences. Look at the following table and examples. You can see how the irregular verbs change in past tense.

For example: The verbs eat, tell and send

eatateThe children ate their dinner quickly.
telltoldShe told a funny story.
sendsendMary sent her boss an email yesterday.

Click here for more information about irregular verbs.

Regular verbs examples

Ihikeda lot on my holiday.
You arrivedlate last night.
He startedhis trip in August.
She travelledto Canada last summer.
We walkedthree miles yesterday morning.
You (plural)visitedsome interesting places in Mexico.
Theystayedat a very expensive hotel.
adapted from Grammar Explorer Series 1

What did they do? Look at the example and write the sentences in past tense.

Whowhatwith whowherewhen
1. Petergo to football matchwith his friendsin Liverpoollast weekend
2. Mandyplay tenniswith Sally on the tennis court last week.
3. Markhas dinnerwith his familyin an Italian restaurantlast night.
4. Janeride a bikewith her childrenin the parkyesterday afternoon.
5. The students wait for the buswith their teacherat the bus stopyesterday.
6. Mollybake a chocolate cakewith her mumin the kitchenan hour ago.
7. The policemancatch the thiefwith his partnerunder the bridgelast week.

1. Peter went to the football match with his friends in Liverpool last weekend.

2. Mandy ________________________________________________________________

3. Mark __________________________________________________________________

4. Jane __________________________________________________________________

5. The students ___________________________________________________________

6. Molly __________________________________________________________________

7. The police _____________________________________________________________